Cars – they’re the one investment we don’t really see a return on. However, they’re incredibly important in our careers and personal lives. So, how best can we protect our investments? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some car maintenance tips, including making the most of your auto insurance, that you can use to extend the longevity of your car here in Atlanta.

Our Top Five Car Maintenance Tips:

Don’t Miss Your Oil Changes

Failing to change your car’s oil can quite literally kill your engine. And if it doesn’t it can still do considerable damage to it. Oil is required to keep the internal components of your car lubricated so that they can function properly and without friction. So, change your car’s oil when your mechanic suggests it – or, if you change it yourself, don’t put it off!

Go Above & Beyond the Inspection for Car Maintenance

State inspections are a bare minimum guideline for what makes a car road-safe. However, there are other things you might be missing out on if you’re only addressing those things every year. Talk to your mechanic before your inspection and see if they can keep an eye out for things that will need to be addressed later on down the road. Or, see if they can catch developing problems so that you can work together to nip them in the bud.

Change Your Tires Before They’re Bare

Bare or near-bare tires are a safety concern, and you will fail an inspection if you don’t change them. It’s probably tempting to run your tires until they’re no longer inspection-worthy, but we’re here to tell you that it’s a risk you shouldn’t be taking. Bare tires lack the grip required for driving on slick surfaces – like when it rains. Plus, old tires are more likely to blow, causing disastrous consequences for you and anyone else on the road with you.

Car Maintenance Includes Keeping Your Car Clean

We don’t use salt on the roads down here in Atlanta, but dirt and dust can still build up and compromise your car’s exterior and chassis. Keeping your car clean, inside and out, is a great way to prevent long-term issues like rust, deterioration, and flaking paint. Have your car washed – with an undercarriage clean – at least once a month or whenever it looks dirty. Make sure to keep your car in a dry place, if possible, when it rains. This will help you avoid rust, as well.

Get Auto Insurance for More Than It’s Worth

A car is an investment that unfortunately declines in value as the years go by. However, they are a necessary investment that enables you to do many things in life. It might seem silly to insure your car for a lot of money, but you need to keep in mind how much a new or comparable used car would cost you.

If you insure your 10-year-old car for what it’s worth, that’s only about four-five grand — more if you’re lucky. However, that won’t buy you a new car. Think ahead and plan for the worst-case scenario. Don’t just get the auto insurance state minimum and settle for that!

Auto Insurance in Atlanta & Stone Mountain

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