Are you moving into a new rental soon? If so, you may be discussing products like renter’s insurance with your insurance consultant. What is renter’s insurance, and why do you need it? Here at Apex Insurance Services, LLC, we highly recommend that you purchase renter’s insurance for your new apartment, condo, or house rental. Let’s dive into some questions that you might have.

What Is Renter’s Insurance?

At its core, renter’s insurance is a critical, base level of protection that renters (tenants) can purchase for the protection of all parties involved in the rental agreement or lease. Regardless of what type of property you are renting, this type of insurance can still provide some peace of mind to you, your family, your guests, and your landlord.

Why Should I Have Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance Protects You and Your Family
After all, this is the crux of insurance in the first place! While your landlord will have his or her own insurance policies in place for the property you are living at, it’s always a good idea to insure yourself – this insurance can supplement any claim that your landlord makes in the event of an issue, property damage, or injury.

… And Your Guests
What if something happens to a guest in or around your unit? Does the landlord’s policy cover them? Do you need to cover their injury? Rather than worry about this being a problem, it is best to get your own coverage to protect you, your family members, and any friends and colleagues that visit your dwelling.

It Also Protects Your Landlord
Since renter’s insurance policies can lessen the blow of an insurance claim to your landlord, many property managers and landlords require that their tenants have renter’s insurance policies. Even if the property manager’s application doesn’t request this from you, a renter’s insurance policy can make your rental application look more appealing!

Renter’s Insurance Protects Your Valuables
Depending on what kind of policy you choose, renter’s insurance coverage can save you many hundreds or thousands of dollars in item replacement fees. If there is a break-in, fire, shooting, or other crime that destroys your items, you can either get replacements or capital towards replacing those items.

This Insurance Is Super Affordable
If we’re being honest, this type of insurance is one of the most affordable policies out there – especially if you bundle it with other policies. The small premium is more than worth the peace of mind that renter’s insurance provides to you, your family, and your landlord.

Renter’s Insurance in Atlanta

Is your future landlord requesting that you get renter’s insurance prior to moving into your new home or apartment? Perhaps you just want your application to look more appealing amidst a low-supply housing market! Regardless, Apex Insurance Services, LLC highly recommends that you look into this type of policy. For more information about renter’s insurance or other policies that we offer, contact us today!