Are you a homeowner in the Atlanta or Stone Mountain area? If so, you’ll know that Georgia summers are intense and can be quite a drain on your electric budget. Especially with fuel and energy prices rising across the board, you might be wondering how you can reduce cooling costs this summer. Here at Apex Insurance Services, LLC, we wanted to share some tips and tricks for our clients with homeowners insurance policies with us! Let’s take a look at nine simple tips that you can put into action to reduce cooling costs as our Georgia summer arrives.

How to Reduce Cooling Costs in Atlanta

#1: Have a Full System Audit Performed 

If you’re really looking to determine any source of energy loss or inefficiency, have a local pro do a full system audit on your HVAC setup. You can also take window-hung and standalone AC units to a professional for auditing.

#2: Have Your AC Unit Serviced to Reduce Cooling Costs

Much like an audit, servicing will identify any underlying issues with your unit itself. Yearly services, especially here in the Atlanta area, are highly recommended.

#3: Replace or Refurbish Old Units

Every air conditioning unit has many mechanical components within it that can become broken down or disintegrated. Refurbishing units helps, but it may cost you more than the sticker price of a new unit. Many people choose to purchase new units for this reason. Keep in mind that you avoid critical failure with proper servicing and care.

#4: Clean or Replace Vents

The vents that carry cool air into and throughout your home can get clogged and stuffed with dust, lint, pet hair, and more. Inspecting these vents might alert you to a problem that can be solved easily. However, you might discover something a little more costly that will also greatly improve your system’s function.

#5: Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

If you’ve never replaced your HVAC system’s air filter and have never called on a yearly maintenance company, you’re in for a treat. There are also air filters in standard window-hung air conditioning units and standalone units that need to be cleaned periodically. Cleaning or replacing these filters will dramatically improve airflow through the unit.

#6: Eliminate Drafts in Your Home

Drafts are an unfortunate reality, especially in older homes. You can have a professional come and evaluate your home with an infrared camera, or you can simply upgrade windows and doors – especially if they’re more than 20 years old anyway.

#7: Beef Up Your Insulation

If your exterior walls and attic aren’t insulated well, you’re wasting hundreds of dollars in electricity each year. Poor insulation causes your system to work harder and expire faster, too!

#8: Shave a Degree or Two

If you can set your thermostat just a degree or two higher, you’ll save about 3-5% on your electric bill over the summer. Furthermore, installing a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts your settings when you are away or asleep will save you even more!

#9: Reduce Cooling Costs Completely: Go Solar

Did you know that AC units can be run entirely on solar, depending on how you wire your system? Get in touch with a solar expert to completely eliminate your cooling costs over the summer months (and don’t forget to insure your investment!).

Reduce Cooling Costs in the Future: Protect Your Investment

Now that you’ve learned how to reduce cooling costs, let’s take a look at how to protect your HVAC system, too! Here at Apex Insurance, we know that your AC unit is a huge part of what makes your house a livable home – especially here in Georgia! Ask us about our insurance services to see if you can protect your external and internal units from theft, vandalism, and other types of peril.