As you probably already know, homeowners insurance claims can reimburse you for damage to your Metro Atlanta home. This can help you and your financially in the event of a covered loss. Homeowners insurance is a relatively affordable way to protect yourself financially from unexpected events. But, what are the most common homeowners insurance claims, and how can you protect yourself against them?

5 Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims:

#1: Fire and Smoke Damage

Unfortunately, fire and smoke damage is one of the most common issues homeowners seek coverage for. Depending on the severity of the fire damage, residents may be displaced and need to stay somewhere else while their houses are repaired. Even after repair, homes may still smell like smoke and be unpleasant to live in.

Prevention: Working Fire Alarm System & Fire Safety Knowledge

#2: Wind and Hail Damage

Wind and hail damage are also extremely common in some parts of the country. Hail isn’t usually a problem here in Metro Atlanta, but we do get the occasional wind storm that can fell trees and power lines. These falling, heavy objects tend to do lots of structural damage to homes.

Prevention: Removal of Large Trees & Limbs, But Largely Unavoidable

#3: Water Damage

We see a lot of rain here in Metro Atlanta, and some people live on the edges of flash flood zones. Water damage can be more dangerous than most people realize, since it can potentially spread waste water and cause dangerous mold growth. Water damage needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible to keep your family healthy.

Prevention: Proper Basement Sealing, But Largely Unavoidable for Some Areas

#4: Theft and Burglary

Another unfortunately common homeowners insurance claim, especially in larger cities where crime rates are higher, are theft and burglary. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover a set amount of allowance for stolen goods, so check with your policy holder for more information.

Prevention: Burglar Alarms & Practicing Smart Techniques When Away

#5: Liability

If someone harms themselves, through no fault of your own, on your property, being sued is a very real possibility. And, even if you think you’ll win the suit, you still have to pay court and representation fees. Luckily, most homeowners insurance policies come with some kind of liability insurance.

Prevention: Keeping Your Property Safe, But Largely Unavoidable

Protect Your Metro Atlanta Home With Homeowners Insurance

Now, each of these common insurance claims happen far less than we think, but the fact that they happen at all means that you need to protect yourself and your family. Here at Apex Insurance, we believe that homeowners insurance is a must – and we want to make sure that you can have peace of mind without paying an arm and a leg.

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So, contact our team of homeowners insurance professionals today to get started with a quote. We look forward to working with you!