About APEX Insurance

Apex is more than your average insurance company.  We truly care about our customers and look forward to building relationships with you!

We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

Providing Coverage for Over 20 years

Experience is the groundwork upon which we’ve built our brand; when you speak with our live agents, you’ll know right away that you’ll be taken care of properly.  Twenty years has allowed us to build a strong ethic, community, and mission statement. 

We know you’ll love working with us at Apex Insurance.

Our Mission

At Apex, our mission is two-fold.  First, we aim to understand your personal insurance needs through conversation and relationships.  Afterward, we can offer you no more than you need – all while saving you money.

Our Vision

We aim to build meaningful connections with you, so that we can truly understand your insurance needs.  As part of this, we value exceptional customer service.



Years in Business

Free Quotes

We know how valuable your time is; get in touch today for more information on coverage options. We’d love to help you with a free quote.

What We Offer

Our most basic promise is that we will offer you only what you need from us in insurance coverage.  Your money and time are valuable, we understand that.

Put You, Your Family & Your Business in Good Hands

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Looking into more extensive or additional coverage for your home, auto, or business?  Look no further than Apex Insurance Services; get in touch today.

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